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The about page is All about Me! I started Delaney Digital in response to my growing interest and involvement in what Social Media can do for businesses. Friends and colleagues asked me to help them set up their digital footprint and as I progressed I became fascinated with the constantly changing process that Social Media is. 

This led to me to the world of Website development and design, specifically Wordpress websites. It was this small step that completely changed the path my career was taking and led me to where I am now, doing exactly what I should be doing. Designing and developing websites, and helping to build brands is my dream job. The design side satisfies my creative needs and the development side feeds the geek in me.

I am self taught and love that I am constantly learning through my job. I count myself extremely lucky to have found something that I love to do as a business. The world we live in has become smaller yet our reach now spreads much farther than we ever imagined.  Businesses can no longer live in a vacuum and at the very least need an up to date responsive website. I offer affordable custom Wordpress web design that will get your business out to the public and bring the customers to you.


In a previous life I taught Communication skills, helping University students improve their chances of standing above the fray when it came time to advance into the big wide world.  Now I teach people how improve their connections through the World Wide Web!

I am a mother of a now 11yr old girl who constantly challenges me but also allows me the freedom to work from home - she works on her Art while I work on my websites! To be able to work from home and be able to spend the time that I do with her is something I am truly grateful for.


I am also a passionate horse rider and trainer (both of the two and four legged variety!) I am extremely competitive and have represented two countries during my riding career. I no longer compete but for 9 years, until I moved back to the UK, I ran the Hong Kong Pony Club, a non-profit-making organisation, which was set up to promote the riding and care of ponies by Hong Kong children, and through this develop responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and self-confidence.


I have been the poster girl for the Hong Kong Equestrian Olympics, I have sailed across seas and oceans and climbed some awe inspiring mountains: this is my next big adventure.

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